It’s the wedding day off Rachel (Piper Perabo) and you can Hell (Matthew Goode)

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3 Eylül 2022
Dopo il nozze avviene un efficace flessione dell’intesa sessuale. A incenerire gli impulsi sessuali…
3 Eylül 2022

It’s the wedding day off Rachel (Piper Perabo) and you can Hell (Matthew Goode)

Ol Parker’s 2005 homosexual rom-com “Thought Me & You” imagines what the results are once you find out what you need in the incorrect date. During the her own relationship, however swinger dating sites, Rachel matches new florist Luce (Lena Headey), and you may feels inexplicably attracted to the girl. Rachel and you will Luce get better just like the family members, however, in the near future Rachel realizes that she desires more you to.

“Thought Myself & You” are a nice rom com having a pleasurable end that actually works due to the chemistry from Perabo and you can Headey (which the good news is shows none of your diabolical qualities she after manage once the Cersei Lannister). The movie failed to fare really critically, however, one hasn’t stopped queer viewers out-of embracing they (per Autostraddle), as well as nearly twice audience score into the Spoiled Tomatoes indicates that the fresh new gatekeepers don’t constantly know what anyone require or you want.

“Thought Me personally & You” is a superb queer movie since it does not look at the extremes one rom-coms constantly manage. There aren’t any villains here, and all sorts of the new characters try addressed empathetically. It’s a motion picture you to lives in this new unknown area between black colored and you can light – Rachel isn’t tormented by internalized homophobia otherwise the lady thinking getting a good woman; she actually is upset one her emotions imply she’ll harm people she enjoys really. Possibly this is actually the queerest aspect about it, since it discusses issue out of what happens when an excellent someone come upon bad time, and you may have trouble with damaging the people they care about.

Je Tu Il Elle

Pioneering lesbian feminist Belgian movie director Chantal Akerman generated employment out of examining the lifestyle of females. This lady earliest story function, 1974’s “Je Tu Il Elle” (“We You The guy She”) follows living and you may program from Julie (Akerman). Julie uses a lot of time creating letters so you can an as yet not known receiver and you will rearranging furniture inside her flat. She makes their flat and you can hitchhikes which have a beneficial trucker, having whom she’s a sexual run into, prior to going to head to this lady ex-partner (played because of the Claire Wauthion). The 2 sleep with her, and you will Julie departs 24 hours later.

Akerman made this movie at just 24 years of age, and you may instantly put forth the eyes that would introduce their while the among foremost experimental feminist film makers. The girl constitution is often at a distance, preventing the listeners off entering the heads regarding the woman characters, although big date you to definitely she takes with her performs – like the 10-second intercourse scene in “Je Tu Il Elle” – allows visitors to stay with the emails within the intimate spaces. Predicated on Birds Eyes Look at, movie scholar B. Ruby Rich titled this movie the new “cinematic Rosetta Stone from ladies sexuality,” compliment of its explicit however, low-objectifying look at the intimacy ranging from Julie and her old boyfriend. While many may already know Akerman for her masterpiece from “Jeanne Dielman,” and this showed up only a year later, “Je Tu Il Elle” shines among their biggest efforts so you’re able to vintage LGBTQ+ clips.

Jennifer’s Looks

Screenwriter Diablo Cody bust on the scene along with her function debut “Juno,” immediately after which went in the an entirely different assistance with her second flick, “Jennifer’s Muscles,” brought of the Karyn Kusama. The new experts weren’t very enthusiastic about Cody’s attempt towards queer horror, however, genius actually usually recognized with its own time, and you can “Jennifer’s Human body” is nothing lacking wise. Desperate (Amanda Seyfried) is actually a mild-mannered adolescent, whose beautiful best friend Jennifer (Megan Fox) appears to entertain other globe. That it ultimately ends up being practically genuine whenever Jennifer try became a great succubus, and you may initiate eating towards the guys in town. Once the Hopeless watches her buddy alter, she discovers one she too try ready for change.

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